The French of the 2e DB

Leclerc’s 2nd Division Blindée (2nd Armor Division) was created at Temara. Jean Marin and Maurice Schumann


Jean Marin

(24th February 1909 - 3rd June 1995) 

His real name was Yves Morvan.

 In 1940, he had been correspondent for a year for the Havas agency. He was a founder and contributor, until 1943, of the BBC broadcasted program "Les Francais parlent aux Francais"

 In 1944, he joined Marshal Leclerc’s 2e Division Blindée and so participated in the liberation of Paris on 25th August 1944. 

After Rennes was re-taken, he was charged with re-starting Radio Bretagne by general de Gaulle, who named him director. He also participated in the birth of the daily publication, Ouest France which succeeded L’Ouest-Éclair. 

Maurice Schumann

(10th April 1911 - 9th February 1998)

Maurice Schumann volunteered to serve as military interpreter   to the British expeditionary force in 1939. On 21st June 1940, he embarked for the UK aboard the Polish ship M/S Batory to join de Gaulle. He became Spokesman for the Free French and introduced the Radio London program Honneur et Patrie.

In 1944, he landed with the British Army and then joined the 2e Division Blindée as liaison with the French interior forces.

He participated in the liberation of Paris.


With the contribution of Remy Desquesnes