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International colloquium
The invention of the Bayeux Tapestry

22nd to 25th September 2016 - Bayeux Tapestry Museum

The 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings is an excellent opportunity to reconsider reading the Bayeux Tapestry, not a historical point of view, an area where there is probably not much novelty to wait, but to an artistic standpoint, domain far from having been fully explored. The symposium brings together twenty-three speakers who come from different backgrounds? Historians textiles, embroidery, visual artists, art historians, archaeologists, Latin scholars, engineers research laboratories of Historical Monuments and Museums of France and different countries France, Germany, Belgium, Britain, Canada, USA.

The interventions of 45 minutes will all be given in French.
The symposium is for a mixed public university and enthusiasts Tapestry.
The sessions are open access, subject to availability.

FROM 22 TO 25 September 2016
Direction: Cécile Binet, Pierre Bouet, Shirley Ann Brown, Sylvette Lemagnen, François Neveux, Gale Owen-Crocker

Download the conference program: here

NOTE: For the duration of the conference, the 2nd floor of the museum is reserved for participants. Cinema and temporary exhibition will be INACCESSIBLE for the public visiting from September 22 to 25.