Label "Musée de France"

the French Government awarded the MAHB with the label "Musée de France"


Public knowledge, education and enjoyment

" Any permanent collection comprising assets which preservation and presentation are deemed of public interest and organised for public knowledge, education and enjoyment" is awarded the label "Musée de France" (law of 4th January 2002).

MAHB mission statement

Museums bearing the label "Musée de France" have four permanent missions:

  • to conserve, restore, study and enrich their collections
  • to make collections accessible to the greater public
  • conceive and implement educational activities and actions of dissemination to ensure equal access for all to culture
  • to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and research and their dissemination

"Musée de France" collections are imprescriptible and inalienable; They are the subject of an entry in an inventory and are audited* every ten years.

Museums bearing the label "Musée de France" are recognisable by their specific logo :

 * The audit, conducted on site, consists in checing the presence of items in collections, their location, their state and markings, based on the item itself or its inventory number. ( article 11 of the decree of 25th May 2004)