Film and Diaroma

The film and the diorama of the Memorial Museum of the Battle of Normandy allow you to immerse yourself in the reality of the battle. 


The film

Normandy 44, a Decisive Victory in the West
Scenario by Remy Desquesnes
Directed by Dominique Forget

The film "Normandy 44, a Decisive Victory in the West" is a 25 minute document based on archive images:

  • National Archives of the United States
  • National Archives of Canada
  • Archives of the Imperial War Museum in London
  • Archives de Guerre Collection

The film is shown in two languages: a French version and an English version.

The film traces the major operations of the Battle of Normandy, based not only on archive films, but also on maps showing troop movements.

The screenplay is by Remy Desquesnes, Norman born historian (born in Cherbourg in 1937). He is the author of numerous books on World War II.

The film was directed by Dominique Forget, founder of Archives de Guerre.

The diorama: a great reconstruction

The impressive diorama evokes the pocket of Falaise and specifically the junction of the first units of the 90th U.S. Infantry Division with the Polish 1st Armoured Division in Chambois, Orne, in August 1944.

This is a reconstruction of one of the most famous episodes of the Battle of Normandy. The diorama tells of the meeting of Allied troops (American on one side and Polish on the other), who managed to encircle the Germans in a pocket around the village of Chambois, after making a pincer movement.

Far from only evoking the victory of the Allies in Normandy, this scene also shows the ruins caused by the fighting.


In contribution with Rémy Desquesnes