Bayeux Violet

Bayeux Museum® reveals itself in the colour of the city of Bayeux: Bayeux Violet.


Bayeux Museum® adopts Bayeux Violet

Patrick Gomont, Mayor of Bayeux, declared:
    "Bayeux has a colour, we now need to make it our own!"

Bayeux Museum® (the trademark for the museums run by the city of Bayeux) shows itself in the colour of the city: Bayeux Violet. 

Contemporary Art focusing on Bayeux Violet 

2010 put Bayeux Violet in the spotlight. Contemporary artist focused their work on Bayeux Violet: Claude Viallat, Jean Le Gac, Jacques Villeglé, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Stéphane Bordarier and Sarkis dedicated their work to the city’s colour. Jacques Villeglé’s work of art, "Violet de Bayeux", was acquired by the MAHB to enrich its collections.

Bayeux Museum® gives Bayeux Violet an International impulse

The international influence exerted by Bayeux Museum® gave Bayeux Violet a new impetus. The colour not only bears the name of the city but is also an inspiration for artistic creation. Bayeux Violet naturally lends its identity to the brand of the museums run by the city of Bayeux, Bayeux Museum®. A range of exclusive products sold in the boutiques of the museums of Bayeux also puts the colour to the fore.