European Night of Museums

Date 17 February 2024 In Archive

For the Night of the Museums, the 3 museums of Bayeux open free for visitors from 8 p.m. to midnight (last admission at 11:15 p.m.). 


¬†+ Museum of the Battle of Normandy: Opening of the exhibition “Jeunesse et R√©sistance”


¬†+ Bayeux Tapestry Museum: Opening of the exhibition “La TaPIXIe de Bayeux” | Explore the Bayeux Tapesrty through a reproduction in 3 dimensions thanks to hundreds of figurines made in PIXI.


+ MAHB Museum of Art and History: Exceptionnal exhibition of the painting “Port-en-Bessin, avant-port, mar√©e haute” from Georges Seurat (Orsay) in the 19th Century room next to other impressionnist paintings (Caillebotte…)