Explore the Bayeux Tapestry online

Date 12 May 2022 In Information
THE FULL BAYEUX TAPESTRY is now ACCESSIBLE scene by scene on every computer screen and touch pad

While waiting to have its thousands of pairs of eyes behind its window, the Bayeux Tapestry has entered a new era of mediation for the international public, thanks to the creation of a digital panorama which allows exploration from a computer or a touch pad. The panorama was built from the photos of the Fabrique de patrimoines en Normandie, taken in 2017 outside its window, and recalibrated by teams from the University of Caen Normandie, Ensicaen and CNRS. The internet user now has access to the embroidered canvas in its entirety. Among the exploration tools available, the zoom function allows you to view the Bayeux Tapestry until the details of the embroidered patterns in maximum focus. The side information panel offers translations in French and English of the Latin inscriptions, and a graduated ruler at the bottom of the screen allows you to quickly navigate to a chosen scene.


Foire aux questions
Where can I explore online the full Bayeux Tapestry scene by scene ?

Breaking news ! It is now possible to freely explore online the entire Bayeux Tapestry scene by scene with a never seen quality of images on Bayeux Museum website !