The collections

The MAHB collections deal with the all aspects of creation, in chronological order, from the geological formation of the Earth to the present day.


The MAHB : a mosaic collection

Due to its rich and varied collections, the MAHB is a reference for museums in Normandy

  • 600 works of art, including 250 paintings and engraving, some of them masterpieces by Phillipe de Champaigne, François Boucher, Gustave Caillebotte, Eugène Boudin, Kees Van Dongen... 
  • 1 000 pieces of porcelain and Bayeux lace
  • 800 archaeological and ethnographical pieces...

A display of collections for all

Various means of display have been used to present the collections. Display cabinets equipped with drawers allow visitors to see certain pieces which could not otherwise be exhibited. The museum also benefits from different aids providing information on the exhibits: wall labels and text, interactive terminals...

The MAHB offers two perspectives of the museum: a presentation of the building itself and of the collections.


The collection holds 5 000 pieces revealing 5 000 years of history

The museum collections are housed in the most prestigious parts of the former Episcopal palace, a large building and historic monument. The bishop’s palace presents different periods of construction and interior design, from medieval times to the 21st Century. 

There is a permanent link between the palace and the collections; works from the Middle Ages have naturally found their place under the 11th Century cross vaults, whilst examples of Bayeux lace are displayed in the Bishop’s private apartments, decorated with 18th Century woodwork.