The Bayeux Tapestry, towards a new museum

Date 17 March 2023 In Exhibition

In early March, a new presentation took place in the chapel of the Bayeux Tapestry Museum. In 10 sequences, it aims to show visitors and residents the contours of the future museum which will open by 2027. The City of Bayeux, in charge of the museum and the promotion of the work, has decided to make this place a freely accessible mediation space, to communicate on the challenges of this new setting for millennial embroidery.


This year 2023 marks the 40th anniversary of the installation of the Bayeux Tapestry in the heart of the Former Major Seminary of Bayeux. This work, unique in the world, has seen nearly 16 million pairs of eyes pass by since 1983. Today, the City of Bayeux, the State, the Normandy Region and the Department of Calvados are committed to renewing the visit route and modernize it.

Often used for temporary exhibitions, the medieval chapel (13th century) of the Grand Séminaire was chosen to be the place of permanent information on the project of the future museum. Accessible free of charge to the public, tourists and residents alike, during the museum’s usual opening hours, this exhibition, with its didactic and non-invasive scenography, has been adapted to the old decor of the space. Divided into 10 themes, including the presentation of the partners of the project and its chronology, the explanation of the operations to come for the restoration of the embroidery, the principles of the future museography or the reminder of the influence of the work in the international, the exhibition can be visited in about twenty minutes, sufficient to discover the main issues of this large-scale project costing 35 million €.

The young public is also solicited by a mascot on all the panels. A little fox takes the floor and challenges the children on the role of a museum. And for those who would like to go further, a web-application will offer development towards more content, thanks to QR Codes to flash on their mobile. This digital device also gives the possibility of accessing games and multimedia resources, scalable according to the progress of the project. A next appointment will be given in June/July to discover a new panel which will present the sketches of the future museum of the Bayeux Tapestry.