Virtual tour of the Art and History Museum of Bayeux

Date 12 February 2021 In Information
NEW! Discover the virtual tour of the MAHB...

After a digital capture of the Baron G√©rard art and history museum in January, the virtual tour to discover the museum’s collections is now available on the Bayeux museums website ( and on the EXPLOR VISIT app. Truly teleported into the museum, the visitor will have the opportunity to discover the major or exceptional works of art thanks to the¬† informative points of interest, clickable during his stroll through the 14 spaces of the MAHB.

An outside view of the Tree of Liberty Square and the Cathedral contextualizes the area where the museum is located. This virtual visit cannot replace the emotion felt in front of the works of art during a real visit, but it gives a good overview of the richness of the place and of the collections.