Date 30 July 2020 In Archive

VISITORS INFORMATION for the Bayeux Tapestry Museum

Due to the summer crowds and respect for social distancing, people who line up at the front porch after 10:00 a.m. and after 3:00 p.m. are likely to see each other refuse access to the museum and will be invited to repeat their visit later.
Our museum presents only one work of art of 70 meters long, its gallery of display is a confined corridor which requires drastic health precautions for the safety of visitors and we cannot set up an online reservation system.
Thank you for your understanding.

[New opening times and prices]
9:30 am> 12:30 pm / 2:00 pm> 6:00 pm
Single price 5 € / pers. or 3 museums pass at 10 €
Only the gallery presenting the tapesrtry is accessible. The interpretation floors remain closed.
Health precautions: Wearing a mask is compulsory, washing hands, respecting social distances, disinfecting contact surfaces.